Test drive on SuperTuxKart

A project log for EyesDrive - Steering with eyes movement

An innovative, non-invasive, assistive Human Interface Device for ALS affected people based upon Electrooculography (EOG) technique.

Federico RuncoFederico Runco 04/26/2020 at 19:570 Comments

So while I'm waiting for the new PCB to arrive, I recorded this test where I steer a kart in SuperTuxKart only with my eyes.

The AFE used in this video is on breadboard and communicates with the PC via USB, in the final version it will communicate with the host device via Bluetooth. 

I've implemented a rough Leads-off detection algorithm via software (no hardware components) that works pretty well, I think I'll keep it in the final version.

The PC side software is written in Python, is a simple script that reads the serial port, splits the data and emulates keyboard combinations according to the data received. If a LOD event is triggered, the software releases all the keys.

It's the third video take I've done, one of the most difficult part to make the AFE work is to calibrate it: a slightly wrong calibration can lead to waveform misinterpretation, while this first firmware has a threshold based detection system, I'm developing a KNN based detection system, hoping that the calibration will be unnecessary in the future.

I promise you that next video will have a webcam view, I'm trying to setup a software that does it for me, I've used Streamlabs sometimes but never to record the screen, I'll try to figure out how to do it in it.