Custom Hotkey Keypad

Custom hotkey mechanical keyboard using an Arduino Pro Micro

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I got my hands on an old cash register, and salvaged it for the keypad. I decided to make it into a hotkey keyboard for my computer, which turned out really well! The final product has lots of greek letters which it types by executing a shortcut ( ALT + 230 = µ), plus some other shortcuts, which will be very helpful for lab reports! I then made a fancy box to put it in. I'm quite happy with the end product!

I used a knock-off Arduino Pro Micro to detect when a key has been pressed, then to send emulated keystrokes to the computer it's attached to! (via USB) This works on any computer, plug and play.

See the code at:

Detailed blog post:
  • 1 × Arduino Pro Micro
  • 1 × Shift Register 75HC595
  • 1 × Hookup wire
  • 1 × Paper and printer For labels on keys
  • 1 × Black satin spray paint

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