Added option to generate code for ZX81 or Speccy

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Version 2 of PS/2 keyboard adapter for Zeddies

danjovicdanjovic 10/08/2019 at 02:090 Comments

Now it is possible to generate code for ZX 81 or ZX Spectrum by commenting/uncommenting a directive.

#define ZXMODEL ZX81

Other models can be implemented as long by creating a pair of files:

const PROGMEM unsigned char PS2Keymap_KEY_ABNT[] = { 
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x00   
_SHIFT + _KEY_9,   // 0x01  F9   (GRAPHICS)
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x02  
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x03  F5
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x04  F3
_SHIFT + _KEY_1,   // 0x05  F1   (EDIT)
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x06  F2
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x07  F12           
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x08                
_KEY_NONE,         // 0x09  F10