Quantity   Component name
1 × controller mainboard v1.8 PCB The controller mainboard v1.8 gerber file for manufactuing the controller's PCB board.
1 × displayboard v2.0 PCB The displayboard v2.0 gerber file for manufacturing the display PCB board, connecting to the controller board.
1 × 2.1mm Barrel Jack 12V power supply connector
1 × 47 uF Elko Capacitor
1 × AE-TPS7A4700 StepDown power module 12V to 3.3V power conversion module
2 × 2x20 pin socket connector controller board connector to displayboard
2 × 2x20 pin header connector displayboard connector to controller board
1 × Arduino MKR Zero The microcontroller for the suntracker
1 × Sunhayato MM-TXS05 I2C magnetometer sensor module
1 × Adafruit RTC DS3231 I2C precision realtime clock
4 × Microchip MCP23017-E/SP IO Expander I2C IO Expander, driving the LED ring
2 × 128x64 SSD1306 OLED Display I2C display for status messages and sensor output
2 × 2.2KOhm resistor pushbutton bounce supression
32 × OSRGHC5B32A 5mm DualColor LED Common Cathode Red/Green LED for the LED compass ring
4 × 3mm LED 1.8V controller board IO expander function LED
10 × 10 KOhm resistor I2C bus and I2C address pull-up resistors
1 × 12V 2A power supply with 2.1mm barrel DC power
2 × 1uF ceramic capacitor pushbutton bounce supression
32 × 220 Ohm resistor displayboard LED current limiter (green LED color)
2 × push button board function control buttons
1 × 2x Dip Switch board function control switch
6 × Jumper LED and I2C termination bridge
36 × 330 Ohm resistor displayboard and controller board LED current limiter (red LED color)
1 × STEPSTICK TMC2208 Stepper motor controller