Design Log #1

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Educational Analog Modules

Zach StrohmZach Strohm 08/08/2019 at 04:490 Comments

Hey everyone,

I  have just completed the preliminary design for the Op-Amp Explorer 1, which will be referred to as OE-1. This is a board with one inverting channel, and one non-inverting channel. The most glaring change that needs to be made is to add the potentiometers to the layout, which are currently represented as resistors. I was hoping to find some small-format rheostats in place of the pots, but the potentiometers appear to be less expensive. Currently, the module is to be presented as a kit for assembly by the user. The only pre-assembled part are the SMD power decoupling capacitors on the back.

I am starting work on the power supply board, which should be done shortly. It uses a voltage divider, with a virtual ground with 7805 (+) and 7905 (-) regulators to give a +/- 5V output. This could be stepped up in the future with a beefier wall-wart, or ultimately, a boost regulator.

Please stay tuned for updates, and feel free to offer any input on the project that you may have.