DOH! Much simpler ZIF socket extender

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John LonerganJohn Lonergan 02/10/2021 at 02:490 Comments

I was looking at my 32 pin ZIF sockets tonight and I noticed that while the pins are too short to be secure in a breadboard they were long enough to fit snugly into some extra long stackable female pin headers that I have.

This is such a simple solution to the two problems I had, firstly the problem mounting ZIFs securely in breadboard and secondly the need to get some clearance between the ZIF and the breadboard.

The clearance was needed to allow space for all the surrounding wiring.

I had 10 of the 8 pin headers but since I need 4 per device I just bought a bunch more of the stackable headers from the

These are an excellent length and the socket fits really securely and of course the breadboard fit it rock solid. 

I now have clearance to run wires directly under the sockets.


Using the few headers I have spare .

ROMs on stilts