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A project log for RasPiCarStereo

RasPiCarStereo is a Raspberry Pi project that replaces a car's stereo using a Raspberry Pi and cheap parts.

pizzaMan5000pizzaMan5000 07/25/2020 at 03:540 Comments

Decided to reinstall Raspbian but with a newer version (Buster) and ended up with some new problems to get past, and I did. Now I'm testing it in my car and working out where to put holes in the side of the stereo for the mounting brackets and where to put the GPS and digital radio antennae. Also I need to make a "face" for the front of the stereo. I'll probably use an old plastic DVD case. Just use the front, flat part and cut holes for the screen, volume knob, and USB port. Also I noticed the sound of alternator whine when the engine is running, so I have to check my negative connection for the amp. Hopefully, I should have pics and video of the finished project soon.