Hermes Livestreamer

A compact, easy to move and high quality audio live-streamer for concerts

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Streaming live concerts is currently a luxury reserved for the uber rich Artists/Bands. The set up is large, requires a lot of expensive hardware, needs qualified people and can only run on expensive platforms. We wanted to help our thriving Seattle music scene reach new audiences by creating a hardware that can be easily set up, works with the touch of a button and provides high quality audio to the world. World meet the Hermes Livestreamer, we are running our own hardware and are working on building and integrating our very own microphones and sounds board software, but right now, as scrappy as it its, it can livestream high quality audio into our platform. To put this in perspective, no longer will streaming concerts will be for ticket artists, now everyone will have the same opportunity to stream their concerts to the world and capture the vibe and raw energy that can only happen in their live performances . No bulky hardware, no specialized people, just press play and go.

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