Software Used

Library Used

Arduino Client for MQTT

This library provides a client for doing simple publish/subscribe messaging with a server that supports MQTT

For more information about MQTT, visit mqtt.org.


The latest version of the library can be downloaded from GitHub


The library comes with a number of example sketches. See File > Examples > PubSubClient within the Arduino application.Full API Documentation.

Compatible Hardware

The library uses the Arduino Ethernet Client api for interacting with the underlying network hardware. This means it Just Works with a growing number of boards and shields, including:

Wire Library

The Wire library allows you to communicate with I2C devices, often also called "2 wire" or "TWI" (Two Wire Interface), can download from Wire.h

Basic Usage



Uploading the Code to ESP32 Using Arduino IDE

Serial  Monitor Ouput


Create an IFTTT Applet

Create a MATLAB Analysis

You can use the result of your analysis to trigger web requests, such as writing a trigger to IFTTT.

Create a Time Control to Run Your Analysis

Evaluate your ThingSpeak channel data and trigger other events.