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A project log for Slim Band: Appetite Suppression Wristband

Help fight obesity and food waste through behavioral conditioning

ChazChaz 08/06/2019 at 06:220 Comments

As I work on a more slick manufactured version I suggest that supporters and doubters alike try the idea out for themselves. Simply get a cheap watch with a countdown you can set. I set mine to 5 min. then tape a pack of Listerine strips to the top. I used a cheap Casio and when I press down on the mint pack it triggers the timer.  I thought about having the mints in my pocket, tried other mints, other timers and it all came down to ease of access. If it wasn't on my wrist, then there wasn't a good reminder to use it. Also it removes more steps from resetting the timer and taking a mint. The more steps required to do anything the less likely someone is to do it. It was much harder to pull out my phone, unlock it, open the timer app, set a timer, start it... on and on....

The final design will have an integrated supplement holder and timer. I don't think it will have a clock or a display as it is probably not needed. We will see.