Self Control for the Common Man

A project log for Slim Band: Appetite Suppression Wristband

Help fight obesity and food waste through behavioral conditioning

ChazChaz 08/30/2019 at 19:090 Comments

I really enjoy beta testing my watch. Always a great conversation piece among friends and co-workers.

"Do you have poor self control? Always eating all the food on your plate. Can't stop munching on the open bowl of chips on the table? No More!"

The latest design looks like so:

Pretty slick. I think I need to do more to move the electronics on top and hide the mint container more underneath.

Either way the result is the best,

A plate full of left over food and a happy stomach. Look at all the fries I would have otherwise ate.

I was able to not eat them for a full 20 minutes, when I finally tossed em. What a waste! Next time I will ask for a lot less fries.