Back on the Track

A project log for Wheatley Model

Wheatley is a hilarious character from the game Portal 2. My project will run on a track on the ceiling, look around, and say funny quotes.

Rio KingRio King 03/20/2018 at 19:420 Comments

Here's a video of Wheatley back on the track:

Since the last project log, I have finished and perfected the eye movement mechanism. Everything has been mounted again and Wheatley is up on the track. The track is made out of plywood and screwed into the ceiling. 

The only things left to do are to put skin on Wheatley and program movements to go along with the quotes he says. I actually made one movement like this for when he says "I am not a moron!" It is at the end of the video above. If you want to know how I did this, download the "Wheatley_Master_Arduino.ino" code.