Track Attachment Device

A project log for Wheatley Model

Wheatley is a hilarious character from the game Portal 2. My project will run on a track on the ceiling, look around, and say funny quotes.

Rio KingRio King 10/26/2016 at 22:110 Comments

The first part of Wheatly that I built was the TAD or Track Attachment Device. I wired up 2 12v motors to turn at the same time. I 3d printed a frame and used metal rods to attach everything. This way everything is adjustable so I can fit it to the wooden track. I cut the wooden track out of plywood with long strait pieces and 90 degree turns. After wiring everything up, it ran smoothly along the track. It guides itself around the turns so I don't even have to speed up or slow down one motor. Most of the parts are 3d printed. Here are some pictures:

I will upload videos of it running on the track that I made shortly.

You can view or download all of my design files on thingiverse:

The two motors I used were 12v 120rpm motors from amazon:

They will be powered by a 12v lithium ion battery.