A project log for Wheatley Model

Wheatley is a hilarious character from the game Portal 2. My project will run on a track on the ceiling, look around, and say funny quotes.

Rio KingRio King 11/29/2017 at 23:260 Comments

After a long break, I finally got around to building the eye for Wheatley. The eyelids are moved up and down by servos behind the eye. There is a track piece for them to run in. Here's a video of the eyelids in action.

The light in the middle is a neopixel ring from adafruit as well as a single LED in the center. The whole thing is connected to an arduino and powered by a 5v portable phone changer battery. The next thing (and almost the last thing) on the list of things to do is attach the eye and get it to move around. In case you're wondering, I hope to document all of the parts I used in more detail once the project is finished.