This is a compact, inexpensive and very portable device designed with cost and ease of use in mind. Gold plated contacts resist corrosion and assure perfect connection with USB jack. Hand-assembled at LWE's shop in Pennsylvania USA, each unit is tested before packaging.



device specs:
supply voltage: 5 Volts USB type A jack
regulator IC: Microchip Tech MCP73831
battery charge current: 37 mA
battery charge time: 60 - 90 minutes typical
weight (without battery): ~6 grams
This device is not labeled or recommended for vehicle use, or for critical applications such as medical equipment or military applications. Applying this device in such applications will void the Warranty. Buyer assumes all risk for off-label application. Contact the Seller for details.

This device has been assembled by hand. Small cosmetic imperfections may be evident. These do not affect the device's operability.