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Ksp Control Center

A joystick and keyboard combo for playing Kerbal Space Program

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Controlled by one Arduino Leonardo, an Arduino Mega2560 and a 42-button matrix this is a joystick/keyboard-combo for playing Squads game Kerbal Space Program. It will have at least three SPI-controlled, 7-segment LED-displays, more LEDs and some analouge gauges coming soon.

Rudimentary display of data works, most of the keypresses works as well. I still need to write a few formatting-functions for the data and make an actual case for the thing. 

The keyboard/control part is just a 6x7-matrix read via the Keypad library.

It gets its data from KSP via a plugin called TeleMachus, which is written by Richard Bunt.

Telemachus publishes some data via http-sockets, I've written a small and very ugly pythonprogram which formats the data and sends it to the Arduino listening on the serial port

  • 1 × Arduino Leonardo Used to act as a keyboard/mouse
  • 2 × Perfboard Used for the matrix and for mounting indicator LEDs and SPI-displays
  • 2 × Analouge joysticks One for RCS and one for steering
  • 10 × Relegendable buttons Used for the action groups
  • 2 × 8 digit, 7-segment, SPI-controlled LED displays
  • 1 × Arduino Mega2560 This will be used to control all the displays, LEDs and such

  • More displays, switches and stuff

    Gabriel Fornaeus05/08/2014 at 20:04 0 comments

    I still have some "kinks" to work out, but it's working quite ok... unless the number is bigger than a 32-bit integer of course :)


    Gabriel Fornaeus04/18/2014 at 23:41 0 comments

    Added one more display and rewrote some of the functions to be a bit more clever, also added support for decimal places.Sorry for the horrific picture quality, Nexus 5 potato and it's 01:40 so the lighting isn't awesome.

  • Rudementary frame

    Gabriel Fornaeus04/18/2014 at 12:49 1 comment

    I've built a rudementary frame from Meccano and a piece of flooring for testing with some of the displays... it looks like crap:

    Sorry for the phone quality.

    LED Displays; the lower displays speed, the upper one is altitude in meters. The analouge meter is displaying battery charge.

    The buttons are hooked up to various things like SAS, RCS and so on. Some of these will have lighting when activated and some will be toggle switches on the finished build.

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Gavin169 wrote 03/24/2014 at 19:45 point
also what is that joystick?

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Gabriel Fornaeus wrote 05/08/2014 at 20:05 point
That joystick is from a video-console I think, found it in the trash :D

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lawnmowerlatte wrote 12/23/2014 at 19:40 point

You can get one here:

or here:

I got the 4 axis one (3 axis + button) one.

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Gavin169 wrote 03/24/2014 at 19:38 point
Hi there, Gabriel. I like your project, seems like you have similar goals in mind as to what you want out of it please check it out and tell me what you think

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