• Bluetooth UART working (with bodges)

    femtoduino10/16/2019 at 06:38 0 comments

    FEMU, with bodged RF inductor, appears to transmit just fine. There's some kind of issue going on with power supply, possibly related to grounding a few traces directly to the USB ground pin, and even more likely, due to the FTDI chip getting back powered at some point by the ESP32 chip... If I try any wireless stuff while plugged in to a computer, wireless stuff refuses to work. I modded a Bluetooth Arduino sketch I had (disabled all Serial comms), uploaded to the FEMU, and then powered the FEMU off a USB battery. Success! I was able to send a command and change the RGB color! Now...as to why two out of three RGB pins aren't PWMing... I'm not sure. There's more work to be done before I order another PCB revision. Stay tuned!

  • Working revision! (Mostly)

    femtoduino09/29/2019 at 18:58 0 comments

    At the very least, I've fixed the botched UART lines. I am able to flash MicroPython on to the FEMU. Unfortunately, I'm running into trouble trying to get REPL working with the latest esp-tool and MicroPython code base. I am going to troubleshoot it some more, but things seem to be manageable.