FEMU 1.0.3 PCBs, FTDI EEPROM update, first MicroPython Example

A project log for FEMU - An ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth board in TOMU form

Just for the sake of making it happen, I've designed an open-source TOMU form factor ESP32 design. It fits in a USB Type-A port.

femtoduinofemtoduino 05/21/2020 at 11:580 Comments

FEMU 1.0.3 has a revised RF layout and ground plane, along with more copper pour for the LDO footprint. I've also managed to break out both DAC pins. Currently testing the LDO at max throttle via the 2-layer prototype (larger, but same components).

I've also figured out how to use ftdi_eeprom to adjust the behavior of the DTR and RST pins, and finally got the FT232XQ-R working nicely.

If you're interested in making FEMU happens, buy me a coffee?