FEMU 1.0.3 board respin, now testing ground plane and antennas

A project log for FEMU - An ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth board in TOMU form

Just for the sake of making it happen, I've designed an open-source TOMU form factor ESP32 design. It fits in a USB Type-A port.

femtoduinofemtoduino 07/24/2020 at 20:220 Comments

Help me fund development of the FEMU open-source board (TOMU form factor!)

Next couple of batches need to be manufacturered with 1oz and 2oz copper pour, different ground plane configurations, and different chip antenna types!

One set of prototypes will run around $570 (1oz copper pour), while the 2oz copper pour variant will be a bit more than $570, totaling a bit over $1140 for both.

Current version 1.0.3 boards (0.8mm thick, 1oz copper) are mostly functional, but require ground plane adjustments (28cm max BT transmission at best). Currently experimenting with different antenna configurations.