Electronics cleanup!

A project log for ADAM DLP 3D Printer

DIY DLP 3D Printer based on NanoDLP Software using Raspberry Pi 3 and Trinamic Motor Controller

adambrxadambrx 05/11/2017 at 17:480 Comments

Hey all, finally I decided to clean up the mess that was power supplies laying on the floor and cables all spaghettied up into a bunch.

Got a small section if DIN Rail and mounted it on the side of the insides. It now holds the power supplies and a ghetto customized Mount for the Pi3 + motor controller.

Now the floor is spacy again and ready to house a box of supplies.

Light green cloth: ergonomic lens wiper.

Bonus: First image ever of the UV DLP Projector

Raspi case customized with some speed holes. The Grey/Blue/Yellow wires are I2C-ing into the brains of the projector.

In the top right you can see some fancy chinesium connectors keeping the power outputs modular.