A little progress in build Version 2.

A project log for Microcontroller based curve tracer

Electronic Curve tracer for measure and compare components on circuit boards

Máté TóthMáté Tóth 01/02/2017 at 19:590 Comments

I mentioned in the last log, I had not too much time build the Curve tracer V2, because of the holidays.

In January I would like to put together the hardware section of the tracker, I did already finish the front of the device, it is looking good I think. After I got the Arduino Due I put ut together with the screen, and started work on the display functions, which is far to be done, but it is something.

The buttons will light up when you selected the mode with them.

I am planning to make a sticker for the front, to hide all mistakes what I made, and also it will looks more professional.

Some picture of the current state: