Crafting breadboard friendly cables

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Sven DahlstrandSven Dahlstrand 08/10/2019 at 12:480 Comments

I want to start interfacing the joystick already. However, I'm not quite there yet. I need an easy way to connect the joystick to an Arduino, maybe a logic analyzer, and, of course, an actual Game Boy. In my previous log entry, I described the decapitation of the joystick cable – the removal of its NES connector. After that treatment, it's hard to use the joystick even as intended, connected to a Nintendo Entertainment System.

In cases like this, I tend to strip the wires inside the cable and attach jumper wires to them. The result is the breadboard friendly cable shown in the header image.

Jumper wires stripped and prepared with heat-shrink tubing. Everything is ready for the next step: twisting and soldering the wires together.
The blue wire before and after the joint is soldered and covered with shrink tube.

That's it! Later on, I will need something similar at the Game Boy end: a breadboard friendly Game Link Cable. Luckily that's something I already made for myself a couple of years ago using the same method described above.

The vivid breadboard-Game Link Cable hybrid by yours truly.