New new new accessories!!!

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Helen LeighHelen Leigh 08/25/2019 at 20:500 Comments

One of the coolest things we've been working on recently is the new accessory kit! Along with the base unit and the solenoids, the machines will come with an accessory kit to transform the solenoids from just things that push and pull into things that bash, jiggle, smash and trigger mallets. 

You can then play tambourines, glockenspiels, drums, Club Mate bottles.... or even trigger light strips. We've also been working on the design concept. We have reduced the size of the solenoids because we want the whole kit to be able to be assembled on a standard LEGO baseplate. This keeps the set up minimal and beautiful, as well as playful. 

With this idea in mind we're also starting to design the casing for the controller. We're still undecided between a milled black metal casing or a silicone casing, but either way we will design it to be able to clip into a LEGO base... or maybe even LEGO compatible wall mounts.