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Jenny 5 is a fully open-source robot. It has a mobile platform, a flexible leg, two arms with 7 degrees of freedom each and a head.

Mihai OlteanMihai Oltean 08/10/2019 at 09:330 Comments

Jenny 5 is open source and the entire source code is stored as a GitHub organization at:

Individual repositories can be downloaded from the above-indicated address. The Bill of Materials (BOM) and the assembly manual are also available online. 

The source code is released under MIT license so that anyone can use it free or paid, open-source or closed-source, private or public projects. The only request is to mention the author(s).

Below is the list of repositories and their web addresses:

CAD files - can be downloaded from It requires OpenSCAD to view.

Scufy - the Arduino firmware - can be downloaded from It is used by the arm and head electronics. It requires Arduino IDE to run and upload to boards.
Scufy Lib - Arduino control library - can be downloaded from It is used for sending commands to Arduino firmware from a PC. It is written in C++ and requires a C++ compiler.
WebSocket server and HTML5 client -  can be downloaded from It is used to control the robot from a browser. The server is a console application running on the robot PC.
Custom PCBs - can be downloaded from They require Fritzing to view or modify.

The assembly manual - can be read from Note that currently this is under construction and will not be completed until the robot is completed.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) is stored as a Google Spreadsheet at: