[NEWS] Jetson Nano and Arduino Code

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Implement the fantastic robotic packages offered by the TurtleBot3 robot on a budget without sacrificing features and performances.

matopmatop 12/21/2019 at 09:292 Comments

Here are some news of the project, for now IMU calibration is paused, I have been mainly working to set ROS on the SBC.


The one I chose is the popular Jetson Nano from Nvidia, which offers a powerful CPU/GPU in a small form factor. It doesn't include WIFI chip by default, so you need to choose one, mine is something like TPLink WN822N, I am totally not able to know if it's a choice or not. The Jetson is mounted on the upper plate.

Jetson Nano comes with a specific OS based on Ubuntu 18.04, it includes precompiled libraries using the onboard GPU. I installed ROS on it and set the rosserial communication with the Arduino Due.


The LIDAR  is the LDS01, it is the same that the original TurtleBot3. It is mounted centered on top of the upper plate with a specially designed 3D part (available in project resources). In comparison with the RPLIDAR A2, it seems to have a lower range.

Arduino Code

The Arduino core script running on DUE is now available on github. For now it includes:

Some extra libraries are still needed to compile the code and will be added soon.


Pito Salas wrote 04/29/2020 at 11:54 point

this is a great project. Have you been able to continue on it given ... everything?

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matop wrote 09/06/2020 at 10:03 point

Thanks, the lockdown kept me away from my robot :( But I plan to continue during the winter!

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