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Finger-mounted bluetooth pointer device, based on BlackBerry trackpad, for avoiding shoulder/wrist pain from mouse/laptop touchpad use

Matias N.Matias N. 05/16/2020 at 00:310 Comments
I've been working on BicycleCompanion lately, and I'm close to ordering components to build a first prototype. With any luck, I will have something done for the HackadayPrize. I decided to order the basic parts to make a BlackBerry 9900 Trackpad module as well, now that I finally found a (supposedly) suitable connector. I'm thinking about a breakout that can be placed in the middle of a protoboard, but using castellated pads which would allow for soldering on top of pcb directly.
What do you think?

PS: any help via KoFi is highly appreciated, it really helps me buy components and order PCBs for these projects. It goes without saying that I intend to publish the designs as open-source.

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