ThumbMouse prototype!

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Finger-mounted bluetooth pointer device, based on BlackBerry trackpad, for avoiding shoulder/wrist pain from mouse/laptop touchpad use

Matias N.Matias N. 05/16/2020 at 21:280 Comments

Well, the previous breakout finally ended up being an actual prototype design for thumbmouse. I realized that adding a BLE Module already completed the design. This way I can even have a prototype to play with instead of just the breakout. Behold the result:

On the back, a Seeed BLE Micro Module (NRF51822) would be mounted. The connector on the edge is the SOICbite which allows for SWD connection (and UART) without a connector. The power pads on the front are to supply power via a coin-cell battery (max voltage 3.6v). There's no 3.3v regulator on board to supply from battery directly (or external regulator).

I hope I didn't make any stupid mistake as I designed the board for this module while I never even actually played with any nordic chip.