Failure of Rev 2 and Lesson Learned

A project log for Simple Lithium-ion

complete all-in-one solution for using lithium-ion batteries on perfboard

Matthew James BellafaireMatthew James Bellafaire 11/28/2019 at 16:330 Comments

I received the Rev2 boards about a month ago and began assembling them. It seemed no matter what I tried these boards would not function properly. Generally the result of adding 3.4v power to the input was 40V on the output for no apparent reason. I've spent a good deal of time attempting to figure out what has gone wrong with the design and the best I can determine is that the boost converter IC just doesn't work. 

Either way this log is probably a good time to explain a lesson learned the hard way. Don't use parts with datasheets that need to be fed into google translate. originally I thought that this could work but when things went wrong it made finding the issue almost impossible. So for the next revision I think i'm going to stick with parts that can be sourced in the US if only so that I know what I'm buying. 

Either way wanted to throw an update out there since this project is still on going. I'll be getting started on the Rev 3 soon which will be a better design.