Weather data is commonly based on forecast. With SmartyTempy, it's possible to have weather data based on real-time information of a specific region.

By using sensors installed in strategic points of the city, roads, forests, wherever you want, connected to IoT hardware to collect and send data to cloud, it's possible to build dashboards and maps in real-time, and by using AI to learn and display infos in chatbot for end-users.

There are 3 perspectives SmartyTempy covers:

1. For the citizens: User has infos about weather in real-time (not forecast) in his hands at any time, which includes: temperature, humidity, rain, air quality, uv.
2. For Government, Universities, Researchers: Historical and current data to take actions.
3. For businesses / new businesses: Encourage residents to rent bike or scooter from near station point with good air quality, advertising according to weather data, opportunity to develop cross and new businesses, etc.

As we can see, there are lots of opportunities with SmartyTempy.

Let's collab for a better and connected world. Where it's possible to build great products and services to serve users and businesses growth.