LITEF 104267 "Enigma" LED display

Deciphering a mysterious German dot matrix LED display pulled from avionic equipment

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The LITEF 104267 is a 4 character dot matrix display found inside avionics equipment dating from the 1980s. Unable to find any information or datasheets online, I decided to "lift the lid" and de-cap one of these unusual displays to have a look inside. I removed the top cover by filing the edge, scoring with a knife and peeling it off, like a can of sardines. I was astonished to discover a total of 7 integrated circuits controlling the LEDs plus several other interesting features. After some circuit tracing and probing, I eventually managed to light up the rows and build a test shield. The rest remains a mystery, so with their German heritage I have nicknamed these displays "Enigma".

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Keri Szafir wrote 12/06/2022 at 11:09 point

A thing of beauty!

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BladeRunner wrote 08/15/2019 at 02:29 point

Since these chips were made by Northrop Grumman German avionics division called Lite F There should be someone out there with specs on these little gems.

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