visit the following site to download all files

components you required are:
1: Arduino 2560 "using pin 53/ss"

2: Bluetooth module HC-05

3: Two android mobiles 

4: one Relay 5v

Step 1: upload the arduino2560.hex in your arduino module

Step 2: give the signal to the relay from pin 53

step 3: pair the mobile bluetooth with hc-05 , hc 05 requied passkey 1234 

step 4: install bluetooth(named) softwere in your one mobile

step 5: add hc-05 in your softwere

step 6: press bluetooth only button and press light on/off button

Relay will be on off. you done very well
now if you want to control light from everywhere using internet

Step 7: install the savedata1 softwere in 2nd mobile phone and connect with internet

step 8: select internet+bluetooth from 1st mobile phone and connect with internet

step 9: press light on/off button from 2nd mobile
REmember that. when you are using via internet, you are accessing dataserver

may be somebodyelse use  these softwere and he is using same dataserver

so if someone from anywhere using this softwere, your light also will on off

to get another dataserver 

email me: