I published this project on May 23, 2019 and won the Make with Ada competition organised by AdaCore (2018-19).

This project is divided into the following chapters: Overview, Things, Story, Schematics, Code, Credits and Comments. For our best study, i have divided the Story of this project into the following sections:  1) Software Installation, 2) Light monitoring and calibration, 3) PID Controller, 4) Tests and 5) Conclusions

PUBLICATION: https://www.hackster.io/guillengap/pid-light-meter-controller-724672

This project started as an idea, then I found very little information and many confusing. I did the tests ... Oh my God!, I couldn't believe it!, this was working! ... Now I have shown you that we can measure the light with an LDR-like sensor, and by using PID control. Finding a name to my project was complicated because there is nothing like this.

Now, I think in two real applications: 1) In the James Webb space telescope to look at the borders of the Universe with greater precision, and 2) To send energy from the Moon to Earth and using laser beam.

There is still a small percentage of error that needs to be reduced. The next step is to build the sensor that I need to measure infinitesimal light and with your help and support I will achieve it, otherwise we will have to wait many years ...