I published this project on May 23, 2019 and won the Make with Ada competition organised by AdaCore (2018-19).

This project is divided into the following chapters: Overview, Things, Story, Schematics, Code, Credits and Comments. For our best study, we have divided the Story of this project into the following sections:  1) Software Installation, 2) Light monitoring and calibration, 3) PID Controller, 4) Tests and 5) Conclusions

Publication: https://www.hackster.io/guillengap/pid-light-meter-controller-724672

This project started as an idea, then I found very little information and confusing. I did the tests, and now I have shown that we can measure the light with an LDR-like sensor, and by using PID control.
The next step is to build the sensor that I need to measure infinitesimal light and with your help I will achieve it, otherwise we will have to wait many years or maybe centuries ...