Alphanumeric LED display tester

A simple tester for DL1414 and DL2416 intelligent LED displays

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This project describes how to make a quick and easy display chip tester compatible with DL1414 and DL2416 "starburst" and DLX2416 "dot matrix" displays, built using Arduino Pro micro controllers. The layout of the Arduino pro mini (and micro) conveniently fits both DL1414 and DL2416 displays allowing them to be directly soldered or plugged straight into the board. Minor adjustments in code are required for the different pin configurations.

A large strip board PCB was constructed to power multiple displays for comparison. A 1.5V battery and boost converter makes it a portable "message in a match box" and addition of DS3231 RTC module turns it into a compact clock. More information and code to be added soon!


Simple tester to show how the display receives character information using input pins. A newer version using a library and clock version will be added soon!

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