Late log

A project log for Midi Concert Harp

This is a 44 strings concert harp using individual pinch strenght on each string to produce midi events played using zynthian/Pianoteq

julien.horsjulien.hors 08/29/2019 at 16:250 Comments

Winter 2018-2019 : Frame design using Fusion 360.

Early 2019 : Test on one and 7 strings on a piece of wood to select the best hardware configuration.

March 2019 : Decision is made to move on Zynthian + Pianoteq ( best ratio quality/size IMO).

April 2019 : Piano strings that are used are too hard, I moved to guitar strings.

May 2019 : Sensitive touch is abandoned, not efficicent enough.

August 2019 : Software improvements on arduinos. The harp is playable ( far from a real one, but my daughter enjoys it).

Now, working on pedals. I have to slow down on the project because, guess what ? I also have to earn some money ;-)