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New spin on the laser blocking musical instrument

jonathan-bumsteadJonathan Bumstead 09/27/2019 at 03:130 Comments

I have been taking a short break from upright laser harp V2 to summarize the performance and cost of the first prototype. I made a shorter video about the device, motivation, and future plans. In the video, I describe my goals for the project, specifically making it into a unique kit at the intersection of art and engineering. I want the kit to promote interdiscliplinary learning and motivate musicians and engineers to learn coding, electronics, and how to play music.

I also made a spec sheet and bill of materials for the first prototype. These two documents give all the essential information for the device and are uploaded on Hackaday. The current cost of goods for one unit is around $180, which doesn't include energy costs for running the laser cutter and labor for assembly. I think the price would go down if components were ordered in larger numbers. Additionally, if the device was made into a kit, then the labor would only go into putting all the parts together in a box. 

Here is a look at the Technical specifications: