IR Remote and Artwork Finalised

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4 Input, 3 Way Tone Control and Customizable LCD Display

smartroadsmartroad 05/15/2020 at 08:360 Comments

Something thing that I have been wanting to add to the amplifier is a convenience option present on all modern technology, the IR remote. The main thing that has stopped me from implementing it has been the trouble getting a remote that would work for the functions the amp has. Custom ones are expensive and generic ones are, well, generic. One of my other projects has been to make a remote control using an Arduino to replace the missing remote for an "old" Sony tape deck and CD player. Now that I have that working I plan to use it to make a remote for my Amplifier.

The controller PCB does have a space for an IR receiver but it wasn't used on the early versions, as such I needed to reprint the front of the amp to have the hole for it to fit into. This also meant updating the graphics for the sticker on the front.

Above are the two versions I have printed (the LCD on the lower photo has the RGB backlight). The top one, grey buttons and panel, has the IR receiver, the lower one doesn't as it is on my desk so didn't see the need (yet!). The artwork was updated to have the cut-out for the IR receiver, the font has been improved to a clearer version and some of the formatting was fixed. The company I used to make these vinyl stickers has changed the material from the first versions I had made and this new one looks so much better (and seems to be better at not showing fingerprints!)

I am working on the new firmware to control the amp via IR remote so hopefully will be able to release that (and the design files for the remote itself) soon. I'll upload the new sticker files to here soon.