IR Working!!!

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4 Input, 3 Way Tone Control and Customizable LCD Display

smartroadsmartroad 05/20/2020 at 16:330 Comments

I finally got the IR code working in V1.4!! I now have the ability to control the amplifiers essential features from a distance. With the remote you can control the following features:

The volume control will also increase if the button is held, something that took more head scratching, curse words and childish temper-tantrums then I would like to admit... Essentially the problem was that every time I tried to implement the auto repeat so the volume would increase as the button is held would result in it increasing by an extra one step on release, including if you only tapped the button.

Finally I found a way to stop the behaviour and it works as expected. There is a half second delay after pressing the button so that it doesn't repeat if you just tap on the button. The timer is reset every time you press the button so you can tap the button to increase or decrease the volume one step at a time.

I also printed off a remote control using my universal remote design, which I will include the code and case design files for as well. As I have the ability to do multi-filament I coloured the power and input four buttons the same as the amplifier.