R&D : November - December 2018

A project log for Aweigh

Blueprints for network alternative navigation tools.

aweighaweigh 08/24/2019 at 17:570 Comments

The team spends the month researching various methods of navigation - from insect navigation to off-grid celestial navigation. They read books, spoke with experts, designed simple prototypes and experiments to validate early ideas. Throughout their findings they were particularly interested playing with light, a powerful and universal resource - which not only reveals the visible world, but also often contains layered useful information. The team designs a test rig, continues to carry out experiments, and refines the idea of using properties of light to navigate. A huge inspiration came from findings from papers about biomimetic robots and light-based navigation research. Through several iterations of research and development, the team is closer to a technical prototype, but is at this stage still missing the user interaction and design aspects of their project.