User, Interaction, Product Design: January 2019

A project log for Aweigh

Blueprints for network alternative navigation tools.

aweighaweigh 08/24/2019 at 18:200 Comments

The Aweigh team organises a workshop to validate public interest and potential users, trying to understand the aspects of the project that might be interesting to people and which parts needed improvement. This workshop was a collaboration with the Anarchist Federation of London. Meanwhile, the team also creates a short film to illustrate the big picture problems they are trying to address. The video includes abstract depictions of modern dependencies and a simplified representation of satellite networks. It shows potential applications for the Aweigh decentralised navigation system and portrays three different types of users. The team also develops a custom PCB, condensing all components onto one board. Various designs of the device are produced concurrently. 

These steps of the project are then used to prepare a work in progress show, in which Aweigh's development and existing outputs are displayed for visitors to interact with and comment on. Discussions on the democratization of technology during this show helped the team get feedback and raise interest about the project.