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Make your own protoboard - complete with snarky comments!

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Even though protoboard is super common, I've had trouble finding some with connecting strips (ie. a breadboard pattern) that is easy to get a hold of for cheap. I'm putting in an order with my boardhouse for a different project (lab bench) so I figured now is a good time to tackle this issue. I designed the board in KiCad, now I've just got to send it off to JLCPCB or OSHPark.

I designed this to be pretty similar to your typical breadboard. it has:

  • Strips of 5 holes
  • Center channels for ICs
  • Two 'breadboard' patterns
  • Two buses along each edge, 4 per breadboard
  • 48 rows
  • M2 mounting holes
  • Mounting hole dimensions printed on board
  • 2,54 mm pitch

I also made the channel between the two 'breadboard' patterns large enough that you can safely cut the board in half.

Zipped gerbers + drill file. Upload this to your board house's website and you're good to go. Scrubbed of my pesky name too!

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