1 Make PVC Pyramid

1.1 Prepare Cutting pattern with Word, and print it with A3 size Paper

1.2 Cut the pattern from paper and Cut a thick  cardboard with this pattern

1.3 Cut PVC board with cardboard pattern

1.4 fold the cut PVC board

1.5 dig hole in the top area of PVC board

1.6  connect the boards with screws

1.7 Stick the pyrimad to thick cardboard

2 Make Cardboard structure

2.1 prepare a Cardboard box

2.2 cut box with knife

3.0 make the LCD flat position and connect Respberry Pi to LCD

3.2 put the box and PVD pyrimad on the LCD

3.3 Using YScanner to Scan the Object and make holographic video

3.4 play the video with  Respberry Pi 4

enjoy it 

if you like it,please tell me, we can create it with acrylic glass with affordable cost.