First look at the final case

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Open-source long-range camera remote control with intervalometer and PC interface

FoalyFoaly 11/11/2019 at 17:310 Comments

I have been experimenting a lot in the past few months with silicone molds and urethane resins in order to make the case that I want for these modules, and after trying and comparing different techniques I am finally starting to get decent and usable parts. I will write a more detailed article on the process as soon as I fix the last few remaining imperfections, but for now let's look at the result :

As you can see there are still a few things to fix, such as details on the border of the screen and tolerences around the buttons, but I'm getting close. I also need to make the clear parts : the screen protection and the 3 led guides on the sides. All of this should be fixed in the coming weeks if all goes well.