Full Body Sound

Full Body Sound is a tactile wearable device that allows the user to feel both high and low music frequencies.

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The Deaf Community, around 1 million in the U.S., are largely left out of the live music/performance experience. Live venues offer accessibility sections that fail to provide a fully inclusive experience. Full Body Sound allows users to feel both high and low frequencies in real-time with audio. Our founding team are life-long music lovers and truly believe in the power that music has to bring people together. We aim to include everyone in the live concert experience.
Our solution is Full Body Sound, an audio tactile wearable device that allows users to feel music. Our tech conditions audio frequencies and outputs electrostimulation (similar to a TENS unit device) to convey the full spectrum of music. With the application of electrode pads, music lovers get to choose where they want to feel the music. We need seed funding in order to: grow our team, upgrade the prototype, and scale manufacturing. We are looking for support to take our functioning prototype to the community.

The current prototype is portable and has the following features:

  • left and right audio ports to enable the user to feel full stereo
    • Enrich your experience by feeling the music in the way it was intended by the artist. Feel left audio on your left side, and right audio on your right side. 
  • tactile stimulation intensity control
    • Intensity level is indicated by LED lights. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity-now you can choose your experience
  • Bluetooth syncing capabilities
    • Auxiliary in/ out ports also available if preferred. Audio output can be used with standard headphones or with an aux cord and speaker
  • Standard USB battery re-charging port

What we want to add next:

-Phone app with custom conditioning capabilities. The user can choose if they want to focus on feeling certain frequencies.

-Ability to stream audio from live music venue. So far, our device works well for the individual listening to canned music. However, to impact more people and be inclusive, we want to outfit our device to perform in sync with live musicians.

What we have done so far: 

We started building at our kitchen table, surrounded by clipped wires and electronic parts. To date, we have learned through 5 iterations of prototypes and have tested our product with around 500 users for user feedback. The first portable prototype fit perfectly in an Altoids box. We have improved our device with new features and different 3-D printed designs. We have learned a great deal through this process and are excited to included the final features needed to make our product user-ready!

  • 1
    Choose the song you want to feel

    For individual use, simply use any audio streaming service on your phone to select the song you would like to feel. Do not play the song yet, don't worry, you get to jam out soon!

  • 2
    Connect Via Bluetooth

    Press and hold the center power button to turn on the device, then press the power button once to connect to the Full Body Sound device via Bluetooth. Indicator lights will flash while searching to pair with Bluetooth.

  • 3
    Choose Where to Feel the Music

    Place the electrode pad set in any of the recommended locations. Turn the stimulation setting down to the lowest setting by pressing the  (-) button. Intensity is indicated by the LED pattern where 1 illuminated bar is the lowest setting. 

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