PCB Populated

A project log for Clipper - A Clip on Tuner for Musical Instruments

Minimalist LED strobe style clip on instrument tuner using a SAM D11C and a piezo sensor with LED readout.

rrace001rrace001 08/21/2019 at 21:580 Comments

Populated the PCB using a solder iron opposed to paste.   This is why I had chosen the larger packages though you can still hand solder the smaller ones but they are difficult.   The best video on hand soldering I have seen was by Ladyada from Adafruit. Her videos are the reason I got into surface mount.  Looks so intimidating until you do it.

OSHPARK PCBs only come in two thicknesses and they are not thick enough for a USB slot.  I glued a spacer on it to make it fit.  I have used Elecrow before and they are almost as good as OSHPARK and a lot cheaper but takes twice as long to deliver. For small PCBs, OSHPARK is the way to go.   The piezo is partially under the battery holder.  I think it will be OK but probably not good for manufacturing.  I have not soldered the crystal because I am waiting on some to be delivered.  I had soldered a standard header to the programming/test port but it was actually intended to be an edge card type interface.  Waiting on those also but that is OK.  As long as I can test it and get it up and running then that is all that matters. Especially when I know I am already going to change some things on the board but it is good for now as a proof of concept.