I love this anime! This pin also uses ATTINY85 MCU. The design is based on Ranma 1/2 character.

Image result for ranma girl manga

The art was created with inkscape and the svg2Shenzhen extension was used to create the mod files to be used in KiCAD.

The are two versions of the board:

  • With CR2032 battery.
  • Lipo battery, a JST-PH 2 pin connector was included.

8 LEDs are charliplexed with ATTINY85 and a push button was included so user can choose between different LED sequences.

Mfg used a considerable amount of white silkscreen and the result wasn't that great >:(

We used acrylic painting (Tamiya) and added spots to the white silkscreen. I kinda like the result :) 

This is the backside using CR2032 socket.

And this is the backside with lipo battery connector.