• Schematic, switched to OLED.

    Tim Rightnour12/10/2020 at 18:20 0 comments

    Posted a schematic.  Wired up a D1 Mini Battery shield, and switched to using a simple OLED.  Now it basically is a handheld scanner that I can wire in, power on, and check any set of sensors.

    Still need to make a little 3d-printed box.

  • First attempt

    Tim Rightnour08/24/2019 at 21:03 0 comments

    Just a quick first attempt.  Wired up a 16x2 i2c LCD, and 2 1-wire sensors.  Quick little sketch on the D1 Mini, and it prints out the address of each device it finds, as well as the reading.

    Right now I'm only reading temperature devices.  The idea is to add more devices, and better power, and be able to test them all.