More aluminium pats and functional test!

A project log for The cargo1

A container for a Riese & Müller packster 80 that can be detached and used as a rolling suitcase

ØysteinØystein 04/09/2020 at 22:260 Comments

The last few days have been very productive and I started today by making more parts redy for milling:

Todays task was aluminium milling and that is always a fun thing to do.
I made a rig out of osb to make shure my part was properly located and fixtured.
These parts are responsible for holding the wire in place and making it actuate the locking cam.
There are several pieces missing but I had the pieces that was recuired to make it work.
Here is a look inside the mechanism. A wire is hooked on the arm to actuate the mechanism. Here is a demo of the unit being actuated by the wire. On the end of the wire it will be a handle that actuates the mechanism.

In summary: IT WORKS! Im very happy and motivated to further develop the system.