Machining aluminum and brass!

A project log for The cargo1

A container for a Riese & Müller packster 80 that can be detached and used as a rolling suitcase

ØysteinØystein 04/19/2020 at 16:170 Comments

So, the handlebox is now ready to be machined in aluminum!

The box is cut out of 5mm aluminum and the lever is cut out of 10mm aluminum. Now over to assembly!

On the left is the 3d-printed prototype on the right is the part for the aluminum version.

Quite happy with the finnished result. I really benefited from doing alot of prototyping on this part. As You can see on the end there are two unpopulated holes. This is for the brass attachment. The brass attachment is for making to lever more comfortable to operate

It was tricky to find some brass stock localy but I got in touch with a very kind blacksmith that sold me some stock for a decent price.

The finished parts looked quite nice! One side has countersinked holes for the screws and the other is threaded for the m6 screw.

The finished result is working very well. The brass parts made it stand out nicely.


Here it is as it will be mounted on the bike. Later today I will mill a part for the bottom of the locking device.