LifeUnit is a rechargeable USB powered water filter that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.99% of parasites

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The Lifeunit is a form of the Lifeunit technology that is designed for the individual use. In addition to the personal uses, it is designed for drinking water outside of the home in the outdoor environment. Lifeunit filters at least 700 liters of water which is enough for one person for one year. Only required to replace the filter from electronic recharge able pump. The Lifeunit should be used for drinking water in an indoor environment such as the inside of homes. In addition, the Lifeunit has shown even higher effectiveness in filtering viruses, parasites, and other types of harmful organisms; it can also be utilized through turbidity for water. The Lifeunit has been praised for its effective and instant method of bacteria removal. According to the test results, Lifeunit removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and 99.99% of parasites.

Saving Lives through Lifeunit

A difference can be made by supplying Lifeunit to people who live with compromised water in areas of natural disasters.

Tag Words: Lifeunit; Water; Dirty Water; Natural Disasters; Waterborne Diseases; Diarrhea

Authors:  Wasim


On sites of natural disasters many people suffer from unsafe and dirty water. Because of the lack of access to freshwater, they have to face waterborne diseases that kill about 6,000 people every day. We want to make a difference by providing inexpensive water filters, Lifeunit, to people in natural disasters so that they can have more access to clean water.

The Issue: Dirty Water

Two out of three parts of our world are covered by water. 97.5% of the total water in the world is saltwater which leaves only 2.5% of freshwater. Among freshwater, 70% is in the form of ice and snow covered in mountainous regions, and 30% is groundwater. Therefore, the total usable freshwater supply for ecosystems and humans is only less than 1% of all freshwater resources. In approximately thirty years, the world’s population is believed to rise to about eight billion people, while the amount of fresh water will still remain constant.

However, the issue is not that there is not enough freshwater. On top of lacking freshwater, another problem is very large unequal amount of access to freshwater. For example, the Congo has more fresh water resources (291, 000 cubic meters per capita) than the United States (9,000 cubic meters per capita). But even with the Congo’s large fresh water source, only 17% of the rural inhabitants have access, compared to the 77% of the city and town dwellers that have access. In general, experts can agree to two main problems regarding the availability of fresh water. The first problem is that there is a dramatic virtual simultaneous extraction from ground aquifers, and the second problem is that there has been an extreme exponential increase in population (especially in third world countries). 

Water is a fundamental need for every human as air is critically essential. However, abundant people on our planet do not have this fundamental need satisfied. The most obvious examples can be seen on the continents of Africa and Asia especially

In addition to the fundamental need of water, three out of four diseases in third world nations can be attributed to drinking unclean water. A total of 2.8 billion people from 31 countries experience chronic water problems. Every day, 6,000 people die from ingesting dirty water. This equates to 2,102,400 people per year. In 2006, the study showed that 1.8 million people died from waterborne diseases each year while about 1.1 billion people lack safe drinking water. Diarrheal diseases cause 90% of all deaths of clean water which is the daily requirement for sanitation, bathing and cooking needs for assuring survival. The average person in the world uses only 2.6 gallons of water every day for their drinking, washing and cooking. One in six people worldwide do not have access to safe freshwater. It is estimated that 1.8 million people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world population could be under stress conditions by 2025

Community Service Project

Our main goal for the Lifeunit project is to reduce the suffering people from ingesting dirty water throughout their daily lives in areas of natural disasters. The plan of the project is to make it open source for others on using hackaday platform to help for community. Or making it again and aging spreading the knowledge to other hackaday community.

The goal of the LifeUnit to respond to critics by providing cheaper water filters and removing the complete spectrum of microbiological contamination, including parasites like Giardia lamblia. Lifeunit is a rechargeable USB powered electronic...

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Technical Report.pdf

Technical Report of filter results of china

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SGS report.pdf

SGS report of filter that was taken from china

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life unit water purification.pdf

life unit presentation

Adobe Portable Document Format - 3.32 MB - 08/24/2019 at 19:56


  • Extra Protection of Filter

    Wasim Sahu08/25/2019 at 05:31 0 comments

    For extra protection of our lifeunit filter we will use a small net cloth. That will give our filter a more extra life.

  • Fixing Pump Parts for decent look

    Wasim Sahu08/25/2019 at 05:27 0 comments

    In this step we will make our lifeunit for decent look to fix the remaining  parts using house hold botal and electric tape.

  • Conecting Pump Unit to Filter

    Wasim Sahu08/25/2019 at 05:17 0 comments

    in this step we connect pump with filter. Making sour that no leakage remains in system. Otherwise pump will not work.

  • Advance holofiber Filter

    Wasim Sahu08/24/2019 at 19:37 0 comments

    This is our main part of our system. which is responsible of removing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Where the water passes from 3 phases in the filter are membrane filter, iodine crystals and charcoal filter respectively.

  • Fixing Whole Electronic Parts

    Wasim Sahu08/24/2019 at 19:17 0 comments

    In the step we will fix our electronic system. Which will give to our unit a decent look.

  • Idea Drawing

    Wasim Sahu08/24/2019 at 17:05 0 comments

    Here is the idea of whole process of system. Start from filter and ends on a pure fresh water in a glass.

  • Conceptual Block Diagram

    Wasim Sahu08/24/2019 at 16:57 0 comments

    This is our first step of LifeUnit  how the system works. First water passes through a water filter which is made of advance hollowfiber technology. With the help of DC sucking pump in presence of lithium ion battery. In a final result you got a clean fresh water. Removal of   99.99% viruses and bacteria. 

  • Fixing Battery and Testing the Circuit Bord

    Wasim Sahu08/23/2019 at 12:07 0 comments

    In this step we will first fix the battery in hosing.  Next we will have to check the all electronic components. Insuring all components are working well like charge port, and  pump is work

    in right condition. 

  • Fixing and Soldring

    Wasim Sahu08/23/2019 at 10:44 0 comments

    Now need to fix the dc pump in it hosing.  In below picture we can see how we have fixed the dc pump. After this we need to connect the PCB circuit board with dc pump with soldering. In this step we need to make right connections  means +ive with +ive and --ive with --ive  side of pump motor and circuit board with soldering. Otherwise dc pump will work in revers mode.

  • Arrangment of Electronic Components

    Wasim Sahu08/22/2019 at 10:19 0 comments

    Electrical components are the heart of our LifeUnit . They are responsible to give it to life as a suction system. We are using 1200 mah lithium ion battery cell 18650 which is very well known in building lithium ion battery. Second we are using a suction pump and last one is the brain of our electronic system circuit. which is responsible to charge the battery also operating the suction pump.

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  • 1
    Leakage Protection

    Leakage protection is very important for our lifeunit. Without  this our unit does not work properly. 

    Making sour no leakage remains form filter to pump

  • 2
    Sucking Pump

    This is more important instruction that always chose a sucking pump. Otherwise any other pump like 

    submersible does not work.

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 08/24/2019 at 20:27 point

Being a back country hiker, I have used several water filters over the years and hand pumping was always a time consuming chore after miles of trekking. Do you have an idea on how much the electric pump weighs and or if you plan on a more compact system for hiking. I really do like this as a Hackaday project :-)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Wasim Sahu wrote 08/24/2019 at 20:54 point

Thanks bro for your comments. its weights is 250 gram. Yes bro it could be more compact because its detachable, filter and pump can be fix and removed easily on user requirements. 

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