Presenting the machine

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Very low cost Pick and Place machine

ottoragamottoragam 08/24/2019 at 19:240 Comments

I wanted to make a video to showcase the general operation of the SimplePnP. The machine is sorting a few scrabble letters using my new Samsung CP45 nozzle holder, without computer vision assistance. Here I'm using a dial vacuum gauge to make sure suction is achieved. Normally, a pressure transducer is used instead, to provide feedback on whether the component was picked correctly or not.

Let me also show you another video of the machine actually picking some 0603 resistors. If you wonder why it looks a bit sloppy, it's because, at the time of recording that video, I was turning the vacuum pump on and off by hand, and my placement Z height wasn't set up correctly.

I'm currently working on a more complete demo board, so keep tuned for a full video of the machine in action.